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Born and raised in Groveland, Florida to Thomas and Lucille Ware. From childhood he studied the sounds of traditional gospel singers. Entering into adulthood, he would tour as a secular rap artist sharing the stage with OutKast, Eve, and many more. After deciding to return to the gospel,  Thomas' calling would be made evident as doors immediately began to open for him in Nashville, as his unique style of writing gained the attention of A&Rs at major labels, such as Warner Brothers Christian label (Warner Word). This eventually landed several of Thomas' songs on major record releases, as well as him appearing as a featured artist, it also began requests for new material from the talented writer. "Thomas has the ability to leave a lasting impression on the world of gospel music" - Bennie Diggs (Industry Radio Consultant).  

Thomas presents a beautiful arrangement of Praise & Worship, that is flawlessly able to be placed in any genre of Christian music. Thomas has now begun to release singles from his newest project, entitled "Everyone Has Been A Doubting Thomas". You will be pleased with the selections on this project. The first single "Cast One Stone", has already blessed many!!

Live performances include collaborations with the greats of the gospel industry both in and out of the United states.


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