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Contagious Hope

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As an artist I have always loved to create great music that would change the lives of people listening. I embarked on the journey to complete my first project and after starting the project I was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor (which had begun to spread in my neck and chest area), and given 2yrs to live. I was forced to leave my wife and kids and relocate to Jacksonville; FL. from Clermont, FL., to undergo radiation therapy for a total of seven weeks. Needless to say; all of my music endeavors had to stop in order to now pay for treatments and lodging. After the treatment I continued to write through the healing process, songs that inspired me and encouraged me of better days. Almost two years after the radiation, I was yet faced with another obstacle that the tumor had resurfaced and was more aggressive than before. Many believe that my bald look is a part of my artist image, however; It is the result of the Chemotherapy.

I have seen cancer survivors and those faced with aggressive tumors share their victorious testimonies. I have faith that I will one day be able to share a testimony as such but, for now my hope for total recovery and declaration of victory is expressed through song and I can’t find any other way to have an express fruition of victory than to share and spread hope to others through the gift I’ve been given by God. So, I ask that you help me spread a sound of contagious hope with my project entitled: CONTAGIOUS HOPE MUSIC. It's my desire to put together the "CONTAGIOUS HOPE TOUR"; which will visit cancer patients in several cities with the sound of hope. - HOPE IS CONTAGIOUS

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